Three Ways To Repair Scratches On Your Eyeglasses

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Three Ways To Repair Scratches On Your Eyeglasses

24 November 2017
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It only takes one accidental drop to scratch your eyeglasses. Though light scratches are normally no cause for alarm, moderate scratches can obscure your vision. making it unsafe for you to drive. Some even find that wearing damaged eyeglasses gives them a headache. Instead of plunking down the money for a new pair of glasses, check out a few ways you can repair the scratches.

1. Buff the Scratches Out

If the scratches in your eyeglasses are minor, you may be able to buff them out yourself using stuff around the house. Grab a cotton cloth and a tube of non-abrasive toothpaste. Apply a bit of toothpaste to the cloth, and rub the area in and around the scratches in a circular motion. Buff the scratches for about 10 seconds before you check on their progress. Use cold water to rinse away the remaining toothpaste. If the scratches are still there, you can repeat the process multiple times until the scratches are gone.

An alternative to using toothpaste is to make a mix with baking soda and water. Just add water to baking soda until you make a thick paste, and apply it to the scratches. Remove the paste with cold water, dry the glasses with a cotton cloth, and repeat the process as needed.

For severe scratches, household products may not be sufficient for buffing out the scratches. See if your ophthalmologist sells an at-home kit for eyeglass scratch repair. The ingredients in the kit are stronger and can tackle deeper scratches.

2. Fill in the Scratches

Another alternative is to fill in the scratches so that they are no longer visible. One item that you may have lying around the house that will get the job done is automobile wax.

Apply some wax to a soft cloth and rub it into your eyeglasses until you can no longer see the scratches.

3. Have Your Ophthalmologist Repair the Scratches

If you don't want to attempt an at-home repair or need the scratches gone from your glasses as soon as possible, take the glasses to your ophthalmologist. Your ophthalmologist has the necessary materials to remove minor scratches and may even be able to complete the repair the same day you drop your glasses off.

In the event of severe scratches, your ophthalmologist may recommend that you replace the entire lens. Though this alternative may sound costly, it is actually much cheaper than having to replace your entire pair of glasses. You can even ask your ophthalmologist to replace the lenses with lenses that have an anti-scratch coating on them to prevent future scratches.

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