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A few years ago, I realized that there were some big problems with my eyesight. It seemed to be getting worse day after day, and I was convinced that something was terribly wrong. After thinking about it and talking to my family practitioner, I was referred to an optician who really understood what I was up against. Apparently I had been living with an astigmatism in one eye and a serious infection in the other, but the doctor was able to fix my vision. This blog is all about repairing your eyesight without worrying along the way. Check it out for great information!


4 Diseases Your Eye Doctor Can Diagnose Through A Medical Eye Exam

25 April 2019
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Annual eye exams can help your doctor ensure that you're wearing the correct prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. However, regular eye exams also serve an important medical purpose. Having your eyes checked each year can help your eye doctor diagnose these four diseases: 1. Hypertension Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. When your blood pressure is too high, it can negatively impact your heart. Your eye doctor can check for signs of hypertension after they dilate your eyes, according to Blood Pressure UK. Read More …