Pediatric Eye Care Tips To Keep In Mind

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Pediatric Eye Care Tips To Keep In Mind

17 July 2023
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As a parent, you of course want the best for your young child as they begin to grow up and that will likely include an effort to make sure they get regular visits to the doctor. But beyond your primary care physician, you may also want to put some extra effort into ensuring proper pediatric eye care. Here are some eye care tips to keep in mind for young children.

Keep an Eye on Your Child's Eyes

If your child is still too young to properly communicate when they have an issue, you will have to monitor them for signs of trouble. When it comes to the eyes, you may want to pay attention to certain things. If your child is squinting a lot or seems uncomfortable when near light, this could be an issue. If the child rubs their eyes or complains about pain in the area, take this seriously. Your pediatric eye care expert may have other potential warning signs of issues to watch out for. You should also be mindful of your family's medical history. If there are known eye problems with previous generations, let the eye doctor know about this.

Cut or Monitor Screen Time

Even younger kids these days will sometimes have access to a tablet or a TV to watch videos or play games on. But you might not want your kid staring at a screen all day, every day. Give their eyes a rest by encouraging them to play with other toys or even getting them to go outside more often. If your kid is still going to be looking at a screen at least during some part of the day, make sure they are keeping the screen a good distance away from their eyes.

Ensure Good Lighting

A well-lit home where things are easily visible will help people see things clearly instead of straining their eyes. Ensure your kid's room is well-lit or at least has a light in the right spot if they are going to be doing some reading for school or leisure.

Protect Your Child's Eyes

If your kid is getting old enough to join their first sports team, don't forget the protective eyewear. Taking a soccer ball or anything else to the face might hurt but you'll at least know their eyes are protected.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

To learn more, schedule a regular eye exam with a pediatric eye care doctor. Let your chosen eye doctor know about any issues you've noticed and follow their advice to protect your child's eyes as they grow older.