How Eye Doctors Help After Chemical Eye Burns

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How Eye Doctors Help After Chemical Eye Burns

7 August 2020
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Burns to the eyes can be quite unexpected and painful and may require the help of high-quality professionals to properly manage. And few types of burns are as common or persistent as those caused by chemicals. Some may lose part of their vision due to this type of damage and need the help of an eye doctor to keep their eyes healthy.

Chemical Eye Burns are Very Dangerous

The eyes are very delicate and must be protected as much as possible from dangerous chemicals. Unfortunately, there may come a time when a person gets chemicals in their eyes that may cause a myriad of problems. Though washing the eyes out quickly with water will help decrease the severity of this damage, it won't stop the burns that have already happened to the eyes.

For example, a person may burn various tissues around the eyes that make them unstable and roam around when looking. Or the lens itself may get burned and end up being very hard or even impossible to see through properly. Whatever the case, this situation is very problematic and requires the help of a high-quality professional who can manage chemical eye burns quickly and efficiently.

Ways Eye Doctors Help

When experiencing a chemical eye burn, it is important to visit an eye doctor right away. In some cases, they may be able to restore vision after this type of damage. For instance, some people may be able to get new lenses on their eyes that are not damaged by chemicals. This type of surgery is something that must be done by a qualified eye doctor, known as an ophthalmologist.

Even if an eye doctor cannot restore a person's vision after a chemical burn, they can help them in other ways. For example, they can fit them with corrective lenses that make it easier for them to see long distances. And they can also provide their clients with help and tips about how to take care of their eyes after this type of burn, such as ways to keep bright lights from being irritating.

Repeat visits to these experts can further enhance a person's care by ensuring that they get the specialized attention that they need to avoid too much damage. For example, an individual may need surgery to remove damaged tissue and replacement grafts added to the muscles around the eyes to keep them strong and properly operating.

If you feel your eye may be compromised in any way, consider reaching out to an eye doctor in your area today.